05 April, 2011

RAROTONGA – Wednesday 2 February 2011

This is a small island that is part of the Cook islands – only 32kms in diameter.  Fairly undiscovered so it’s not completely destroyed by tourism.   Because of this it still is the classic image of a South Pacific Paradise island and I hope that it can manage to stay that way.    Like all of the island atolls it is basically the top of an extinct volcano that has become inhabited.  Tall green lush peaks surrounded by aquamarine blue warm seas with great diving and white sandy beaches.  NICE!!    Raro means down and tonga means south - now you knwo what the name means!

Ed came back from the beach with a blue star fish like this.  He and his brother thought it was dead but the poor thing died on the balcony and now adorns Bobs garden in Indianna!  Smelt absolutely awful for long time though...

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