16 December, 2015

Grand Cayman's unintentional wildlife encounter

The fabulous DISNEY MAGIC in GrandCayman

When you sail about a cruise ship all the time you tend to get a bit blasae about the ports where you call all the time.  In order to try and combat this I have taken to making an effort to get out of the tourist trap areas and see more of the places and island that we stop at.  On one such expedition I met up with this amazing lizard - 'fairy dragon - and was enchanted.  I am pretty sure that for others he might have been dinner, but for me it was a chance encounter with a wonder of our world.

WHAT AN AMAZING TREE........... big and beautiful and old so must have survived several hurricanes in its time.

Lets get in a bit closer.....  hang on a minute - what is that behind my head????
Isn't he just beautiful!!   We stayed and eyed each other for a long while and 'communed' then I left and he went up the tree into the greenery

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