23 January, 2013

Windy Port Canaveral

This morning we arrived in Port Canaveral at 06h00.  Great excitment amongst the guest and some of the crew onboard as they were all going by bus to Orlando to visit Disney World.  There were rows of special buses lined up in the dark parking lot waiting to whisk them off to 'neverland'.  After everyone had left and lots of the crew had taken advantage of a good shopping stop we were left with 46 guests and 560 crew members onboard.  Lots of time spent doing things that get put on the back burner when we are busier got done.  At 11o'clock it was my turn to go to Marriot island and have a look around. It was so cold and windy in Florida that I had to wear my nice cashmere coat and even then I missed my scarf!!  Edward was with me and we wandered about for a bit then went for coffee at Barnes and Noble.  Not the most adventurous day out but sometimes you just have to take time out to do a bit of reading!