24 June, 2013

Ephasus again!

Once more I was privilaged enough to visit Ephasus.  I can see from my photographs that I have been coming here since 2008.  Nice that I have the opportunity to visit this amazing place so regulalry.

 Above  is a view of the University and Hospital where they trained dcotors.   

To the right is the sign now universally recognised as showing that there are medical and pharmacuetical services available.        One of the guides told me that when Cleopatra arrived she was told that she need to bathe and see the physician as everyone else entering the city had to - and they didn't care if she was a Queen or not!!              

Below is the script on top of the column at the library clearing showing the latin writing and noting cearar.

I was also very pleased to see that the custodians of Ephasus have taken more steps to stop all the tourists from ruining this site.  Have nice ropes erected everywhere and have special places that you can walk.  However, you can see the additional waer that hundresds of feet have made on the marble streets - little ridges have got bigger.  It is still really amamzing though and I love going here.  From the start I have had a very emotional reaction to this site.  Cried huge corcodile tears when I first entered in 2008 and everytime since then I seem to cry at some stage about something real small - this time it was in the area where they are preserving the sarcophogi.  

I am looking forwrad to returning again - perhaps when there are fewer people around in the winter months.  

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