24 May, 2013

Across the Atlantic

We started this transatlantic crossing in Galveston.  I am on the Disney Magic and we are re-locating to Barcelona so that we can spend the summer in the Med and enchant all our Disney fans with new and exciting places to see and visit.  For me it is just a relief to get out of Galveston.  i am sure that once the place was very nice but now all I can say is that it is VERY BORING!!.  Several times a week a cruise ship pulls in, unloads a lot of people and crew who are will to to spend some cash in the town and nothing is open.  Likewise there are plenty of people milling around waiting to board the cruise ships also wanting to spend some money but Galveston doesn't open until 11h00 by which time everyone has either fallen asleep or managed to wangle their way on board and it you start your cruise with a 'dead Galveston' you are not likely to try and spend any time, or money there when you disembark.  

For an itinerary of crossing we spent 2 days at sea and then a great day in Castaway Cay - Disney's own little paradise island in the Bahama's.  Fabulous place with crystal clear, warm sea to swim in and large soft white sand beaches to lounge on.  Great place and I have super memories and loads of pictures to help me remember this superb get away from it all place.  

Right now we are doing 6 consecutive sea days and then we have a day in Funchal, Madeira.  This is also a great place to visit and I am lucky enough to have a good friend there whom I shall be able to see.  The weather has been kind with yesterday having sea that were flat and calm.  The sunset was long and lingering and really pink and beautiful.  It sank gently down past the horizon and the sun's place was taken by a big bright full moon.  Shone directly through the middle of my porthole and as I lay there on my bunk and watched it I realised that this is truly a life with many things to be grateful for.