13 April, 2010

Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey

Kusadasi (said Kush-ad-aasi) is well known as the gateway to Ehpasus.  It is really lovely spot on the Turkish coast.  Loads to do, nice beaches, fabulous shopping and easy access to the breathtaking beauty and majesty of Ehpasus.  They say that Mary, mother of Jesus, is buried there.  I found that quite interesting as I have also been to Mary's grave when I was in Jerusalem and there are so many 'relics' and 'bits' of the poor woman all over catholic europe that even if it was true that she is bureid somewhere, there can't be much of her left!
However, I digress.  Kusadasi is really wortha  visit.  Do a tour, go for lunch, stay for dinner and have a great time.  I love to go shopping now.  When I first went there is was really aweful to shop with the shop keepers pulling on your person and making all sorts of deals.  Now hoever, they have calmed down and realised that most westeners will open their wallets if not pulled about and haggeled too much.  The leather work is fabulous and I always buy a handbag - no woman ever has too many of those!  Carpets are also beautiful but for me difficult to travel with and as I have nowhere to put one I have resisted the temptation.  

The beaches are wonderful - clear clean water to swim in and nice hot sand to lie on.  You can take several different water tours that take you diving or to better and better beaches, but if you don't have the cash to spare then just lounging on the beach in front of you is enjoyment enough.  

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