20 March, 2011

Yangon Myanmar Today

Today we stop in Yangon Myanmar which should be interesting - for you older folks this place was RANGOON , BURMA!! Makes me think of my granddad who was a Chindit (spelling) and got seconded to the Army from the Navy & did fascinating things here.............  I worked all day so was only able to do a tour of the Big Gold Pagoda with the rest of the crew in the evening.  Lovely full moon for us so we were able to see loads of detail.  Amazing place.  Remove shoes and then walk about the holy Buddhist site with all the faithful who are lighting candles.  We were all snapping photographs happily.  I wonder what exactly all these people think about us being here in their 'church' talking loudly and touching everything???  

After a few hours here we all went 'downtown' for a bit of shopping and then for some supper.......  This time though even I was scared of eating and getting sick so I didn't try anything.  Also, have to admit that the smell of the Dragon Fruit was not all that appetizing......

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