24 June, 2013

Milateus + Marcus Aurelius Bath house

This was my first visit to Milateus - think I have the spelling correct but it changes according to which language you are reading it in.  

This is a farily unvisited site about 75 minutes drive from Ephasus.  Very worth the visit though.  In summer you must watch out for scorpions and snakes , so ensure that you wear the correct shoes.  
This beautiful, well preserved and enormous amphiteatre was found after the little village siting on top of it was destroyed during an earthquake - late19th Centurary I think the guide said.  This led to the moving of the village and excavation work taking place.  During summer there is not much archealogy going on as the whole area is exceptionally hot. 

 Above shows the view from the middle of the centre ailse.
On the right is a view of the whole amphiteatre.

Below is a record of the second known workers stike - complete with names and demands.  Apparenlty the workers did not want to work in the heat of the day, asked for better food and more water!

The amphiteatre is very well divided with sections for wealthy patrons who supported the amphitheatre financially, then for individuals who bought their seats, a section for families with children - at the back so the kids didn't annoy anyone - and even a section for people who came from out of town for the games.  Very cool.  You can see letter carved n the marble indicating how all this is divided.  
Walking around the back of the amphitheatre you see the remnants of the town / city with a nice sqaure complete with fountain and lion and a temple and off to the left a magnificent Bath houser reputed to have been built by Marcus Aurelies for his wife.  According to our guide it boasts the first real example of private cubicles for massage that are seperate from the main hot and cold baths.  Very lovely to walk about and you can even see some of the original painting on the marble walls - awesome!!  Also loads of large lisards that live in the brick work and pop out now and again to try and scare you!!  
I think that I will have to look up and see if Marcus Aurelius was actually in this area although I have no reason to disbeieve the guide who is an acrcheologist himself.  
The other thing about this little place that I liked is a little "motel" that has been here since 1410 or so and still functions as a motel for travelors!!  Amazing.  Completely refurbished and now equiped with all mode cons, it does still hold to the original style and building matierials.  

section of the Motel wall showing the 'recycling' of building materials!

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